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Top 10 blogging mistakes to avoid

Are you also new to Blogging? If yes, then this article is a must for you. If you want to reduce your efforts later, go through it before posting your next blog post.  Here, the top 10 mistakes that are commonly made by beginners and help you avoid them if you have just started with Blogging. Not choosing a proper niche. Well, one should choose their niche based on one's interest and knowledge. Just make sure that you provide some useful information on your blog. Also, do focus on one niche and don't mix up your content. Focusing on quantity over quality The quality of your blog is what matters the most. It's not how you write it down, but how creative and informative you write. But of course, cover up the minimum requirement of 300-500 words. Sharing videos on social media It would be best if you promote your blog as much as possible. Because the more viewers you have, the better the ranking of your blog. Using Good host Don't forget to use the right hosting provider

How to customize your blog for free with quick and easy steps?

Many of us prefer Blogger as their first option for blogging as it's free of cost. As a matter of fact, the first thought that comes to our mind is if it's going to work or not, or if it is of our interest or not, or if we can earn money with it or not. If you are still wondering about these questions, go check out my blog - How to make money with your own blog for free? I have already discussed in my blog why and how Blogger is the perfect platform to start with. Since many of you are beginners here, you must have heard, " It's quite difficult to customize a blog in Blogger ."But you are not aware that you can customize your blog with just a few simple and easy steps . Yes, some code needs to be inserted to customize the Blogger Theme. But not to worry! I will guide you through all the customization options available and how to use them for your blog. Here are some of the basic customization options available - Adding a widget to a particular page or post Hidin

Top 5 sites to find copyright free images for your blog

Generally, as a beginner, when a blogger starts writing their first blog, it goes through multiple questions. What is the blog content?   Why use images in a blog?   What type of images can a blog have? Is there plagiarism for images as well? If yes, where to find copyright-free images? Are these images free, or do I have to pay for it?   How to use images in a blog? Everyone at the start of their journey is not ready to invest the money as they are not sure if it will work out.  Today we will discuss everything one needs to know about images on a blog, including where to find, how to use it, and why to use it. Let's get started! What is the blog content? Blog content is whatever you add in your blog post to convey your piece of information. It can include text, images, and videos. And as said, content is king. Your text, images, and videos should also be unique and appealing for the audience to come back and revisit your blog.  Why use images in a blog? Images play a very cruci

How to make money with your own blog for free ?

I am very sure many of you must have thought of these questions - Why Blogging? Why and how shall I start blogging?   Which platform to choose for blogging as a beginner ? Can I earn money with blogging? Let's find out the answers to it. Why Blogging? Blogging is the best platform to express and share your thoughts with the world. If you like writing about your day or some random topics or want to share your knowledge with people about something or the other, such as cooking or traveling, blogging is the best option. It is a medium to express and connect with people. How should I start Blogging? Blogging is something that confuses everyone! Well, there's not much that you need to start blogging. All you need is an excellent, well-written article(plagiarism-free) of around 200 words and a few copyright-free images to make your blog attractive. Which platform to choose for blogging as a beginner?  Don't know where to start blogging? There are many options available, like Blo

Want to make an amazing code free website within a week? Quick and easy!

A non-programmer might find it quite difficult, creating a website on their own. Do you know there's an easy way to make your website within a week without writing any piece of code? Fascinating, isn't it? But yes, there's a catch; you will have to lose strings of your purse a little bit.  Let's dive into the entire process, but before that, let's see what all topics will be discussed - 1. Getting a WordPress hosting 2. Domain registration 3. Updating the name server 4. Installing WordPress 5. Create a website Getting a WordPress hosting and setting up a domain For this purpose, one can use any hosting platform. But here, we will discuss the steps for Hostgator hosting provider.  1. Go to google and search for "" site. 2. If you already have a domain, follow the below steps - Go to WordPress from the menu and click on WordPress Hosting. Select server location as India or US. Select a plan for whatever duration you want and click on the buy

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